Saturday, April 16, 2011

Training Week 14 Recap

Sunday - 30 minutes Elliptical, swam 600 yards
Monday - Ran 6 miles @5-5.2mph (long run)
Tuesday - Biked 11 miles, 60 minutes Zumba
Wednesday - Ran 4.5 miles @5.5mph (tempo/steady state)
Thursday - Biked 11 miles, swam 700 yards
Friday - Ran 4.5 miles @5.2mph w/ 6 x 400 @6.6mph (speed intervals)
Saturday - Rest

It felt so good to get a speed workout in yesterday, so far I have just been training to complete races and hoping for a certain time, rather than training for a time. I finally looked up the right paces, etc. for hitting my new time goal and yesterday was my first run towards that goal.

Hubby and I went downtown today and had a food fest. Cookies, pasta, gelato, and cupcakes. So delicious. I know I will work it off tomorrow during my 11 miler so I'm not too worried. And I did lose 1 lb this week (yay!), so I figure one day of fun is ok. I also got some cinnamon-raisin swirl peanut butter that I can't wait to try out! Maybe tomorrow before my long run...


  1. Nice week of workouts!
    Those yummies are just carbo-loading for the 11 miler tomorrow, right? Makes sense to me!!!

  2. Thanks! Haha that was my rationale :)