Monday, April 11, 2011

Despite my hamstrings still being super tight from Saturday's yard work, I was able to get in a 6-mile run after work. I tried out a new Power Bar flavor I got at REI - Milk Chocolate Brownie. I am not a big fan of the regular chocolate flavor so I wasn't sure how it would go, but it was actually pretty good! So, I continue to find ways to eat chocolate that I can pass off as "nutrition."

The run was pretty good, still trying to take it easy after the half so I stayed around an 11:45-11:50 pace. On Wednesday I should be back to my regular 10:54 pace hopefully.

Tomorrow morning I am hoping to do an hour on the bike trainer before work, then go to Zumba with my friend Rachelle after work. This could be dangerous since we may end up going to frozen yogurt afterward. Lately this has become an addiction so I am trying to limit it to once a week.

Hmm maybe hubby will buy me this mug...

It does not help that there are no less than 4 frozen yogurt places within 15 minutes of our house.

Ok, I need a distraction before I find myself in the car on my way to Mango Tango. Hopefully catching up on blogs will do the trick!

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