Monday, October 15, 2012

Racing Firsts and Catching Up

The last few months I have been bad at blogging, but good at racing! I have done at least one race each month, including a lot of firsts! (And one BIG first :) I guess I will start where my last post left off...

July - first repeat race - Fueled By Fine Wine Half Marathon

August - first trail race - Xterra Portland

August - first women-only race - Every Girl's Half-Marathon
September - Champoeg Park Half-Marathon (nothing special about this one)

October - first half-marathon with a 2:30 cut-off - Boston Half Marathon

October - first MARATHON! - Baltimore Marathon

Now you are all caught up! It has been a whirlwind summer and a crazy first month of fall. Things should slow down in the next few weeks so hopefully this is the end of my blogging hiatus :)