Thursday, April 14, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. The weather sucks around here. I think we are breaking some record for going the longest into the year without hitting 70*. We already broke our record for going the longest without hitting 60*. Remind me again why I wanted to move back to the PNW?

2. I love Luna bars. I wish they were cheaper, I would eat like 3 a day. Except they do have some saturated fat and I have high cholesterol (by 2 pts) so that probably wouldn't be a good idea.

3. I must eat REALLY bad if I have high cholesterol and I am at a healthy weight and I exercise 6 days a week. I have started eating fish a few days a week, and I only eat junk food on the weekend now. I am hoping it will be normal when I get it re-tested in June. It only needs to go down 3 pts to be "normal." Eating giant Voodoo doughnuts and Cinnabon probably isn't helping.


  1. I would eat Luna Bars all day long if they weren't so dang expensive!
    Giant doughnuts are bad for you? :)

  2. Apparently they are! It was news to me :)