Friday, April 1, 2011

Tools of the Trade

People always ask me, what are your race secrets? (Just kidding, no one actually asks me that.) So, I have decided to share my tools of the trade. This entry will cover my favorite tool:


Today I am 2 days out from the race. For many runners, this means eating healthy and "clean." I prefer to fuel on sugar. Say what you will, but I ran my 16-minute half-marathon PR after eating giant chocolate chip cookies, and my 6-minute 10K PR after eating krispy kreme donuts and samoas. I do what works.

My favorites for this race include a little of this:

Some of that:

And of course, a few of these:

Much of the same will be consumed tomorrow. Possibly more pictures to come, if I can restrain myself from eating long enough to get my camera.

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