Monday, February 28, 2011

February Summary

Running: 60.2 miles
Biking: 46 miles
Swimming: 0 miles
Walking: 8.85 miles

Runs: 13
Non-run workouts: 11
Rest days: 5

Cross-training: strength training, Pilates, walking, biking, Biggest Loser Challenge, Zumba

Can't believe the month is already over!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's that time of year again

Got my Powerade, Power Bar, Gu, BodyGlide, and water bottle ready. It's long run Sunday! My treadmill only goes to 99 minutes, and I do my long runs at 5mph, so it will be interesting to see how 9 miles goes. And there is NOTHING on tv since it is Sunday so I have to rely on a Golden Girls marathon to entertain me. Wish me luck!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Training Week 7 Recap

Sunday - Heart Breaker 10K
Monday - Walked 1.5 miles, strength (chest, triceps)
Tuesday - Ran 4.5 miles
Wednesday - Biked 11 miles, strength (abs, core)
Thursday - Ran 4.5 miles, strength (legs)
Friday - 30 mins Wii Biggest Loser Challenge, strength (biceps, shoulders)
Saturday - rest

Starting to up my Tuesday/Thursday runs. Only a little over 5 weeks till my half-marathon!

I am happy to report...

That I am on day 5 of a very successful diet! I know, you shouldn't diet, it should be a lifestyle, blah blah blah. I do what works for me. I am just happy to have my eating under control again. It is scary when you almost don't fit into your pants!

We are leaving for Virginia on Wednesday. Friday is the 1-year anniversary of when I started running, so it's cool I'll be there, where my running began! I tried to find a race to do while we're there, but the only one in the area is a 10K. Since I just did a 10K I think I'll pass. I would like to do a 5K soon so I can get a new PR. My current one (33:42) is about 9 months old. I ran the second 5K of my last 10K in 30:47, so I think I have a good chance of breaking 30 minutes.

I am very proud that I have had my Girl Scout cookies since last Saturday, and I still have not had any! That is ending this weekend though. I have a 9-mile run on Sunday, and usually eating some sugar/junk food the day before helps. It may just be a placebo effect, but I'll take it. I'll take anything that helps me get through 9 miles!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Race pics

Before the race

Finish line

Yay I did it!

Race according to Garmin

T-shirt, bib and medal

Heart Breaker 10K

I am now a HUGE fan of cold weather running. 6+ minute PR? Yes please!

When my alarm went off at 6:40, I thought why the heck did I sign up for a race on a Sunday? my bed is so warm, and it is so cold out. Luckily this only lasted a second. As soon as I was fully conscious I had a granola bar and a glass of water, and turned on the tv. I got dressed and had my Power Bar around 7:10. (I never used to go for any energy bars or drinks, but Power Bar Performance Energy bars are great. They never fail me.) I went downstairs and hubby and I finished getting ready and loaded up the car.

We got to the parking garage around 8:15 and it was 34* out. Definitely colder than any other weather I've run in before. I saw people in a variety of clothing, from shorts to heavy sweat pants. My outfit was right in the middle. "Packet pick-up" was just getting your race bib and shirt. The shirts are long and unisex. I got a small but it still looks like it could be a dress.

About 8:45 I got ready, got my gloves on, garmin (which started beeping low battery as soon as I put it on), ipod, etc. and we left the warmth of the registration room. It wasn't a very big race, around 300 people were on the confirmation list the day before. I was about 100 people back from the start line. Hubby stayed with me till about 5 mins before the start. There was a Starbucks right next to the start/finish line so he was going to hang out there while I ran.

Overall the race was very uneventful. My earphones fell out about .4 miles in, so I just ran in silence the rest of the way. The course went into a more industrial part of the city so there wasn't a lot to look at. My first mile was sub-10 which I didn't think I could sustain so I slowed down the next 2 miles to around 10:15/mile. I was feeling pretty strong after the first half of the race so I just ran at a pace that was comfortable but required effort. I told hubby the earliest I would be done is 10:05 (1 hour and 5 mins in) so he would know when to look out for me. Around mile 5, I realized I would be a lot faster than that if I kept up this pace. I started getting antsy and wanting to slow down with a mile to go. I tried different things to keep my mind occupied, including counting to 200 and singing a song in my head (which was "Camptown Ladies" for some reason). Finally I could see people turning towards the finish line. I hoped that hubby had a feeling I would be faster, and was already there. I sprinted the last .1 in and saw 1:02:04 on my Garmin as I crossed the finish line. (chip time is 1:02:01 - even better!) Whoo-hoo! Hubby was right at the front of the finish and he took my picture as I came across.

I immediately asked for water since I didn't drink any on the course, then we walked back to the post-race area and I got some strawberry shortcake. Yum! I had never had it before, it was pretty good. Then we walked back to the car and drove back to town and had brunch. It was such a fun morning. I am so glad hubby has the day off so we can hang out all day!

Garmin splits:
Mile 1: 9:52
Mile 2: 10:21
Mile 3: 10:14
Mile 4: 9:55
Mile 5: 9:39
Mile 6: 9:47
Mile .2: 2:12 (.25 due to weaving/etc)

Pictures to come!

P.S. I asked hubby if he had a feeling I would be faster, since he was out there earlier than I said to be. He said "This is how much faith I have in you. I was out there at 9:50." :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Racey race time

Whoo-hoo! First race of 2011 tomorrow! Heartbreaker 10k in Portland. It is going to be 36* at the start of the race so I am fretting a little about what to wear. I think I will go with, long running tights, short-sleeve tech tee, long-sleeve 1/4 zip top, and gloves. At my last 10k it was about 47* at the start, and I was almost too warm by the end in my running capris and long-sleeve top, with no base layer. I just don't want to be too warm since my running deteriorates. But I also don't want to be too cold. Decisions, decisions!

I have two race goals:
1. PR (sub-1:08:10)
2. Sub-1:05

Hubby has the day off tomorrow (yay!) so he is going to crew for me and cheer me on. And hopefully we can do something fun downtown after. Can't wait!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Training Week 6 Recap

This week was a cut-back week so I took it easy. I also had 2 rest days in one week for the first time in a month! That was due to Valentine's Day, hubby and I had a wonderful dinner and I was too full the rest of the night to work out :)

Sunday - Ran 4 miles
Monday - rest
Tuesday - Ran 4 miles, strength (chest, triceps)
Wednesday - Biked 10 miles, strength (abs/core)
Thursday - Ran 4 miles, strength (legs)
Friday - Walked 1 mile, strength (biceps, shoulders)
Saturday - rest

I have a race on Sunday so I wanted to rest my legs for two days. It is my first race of the year, whoo-hoo!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I had my first outside run since the beginning of December. I've been sticking with the treadmill out of convenience, but since I have a 10k next weekend I wanted to give my legs some road miles so it's not a shock on race day.

My Garmin still had my last run stats on it when I turned it on this morning. 4 miles in 42:14. I joked with my husband that I couldn't do that anymore. But I did 4 miles today in 41:58! And the last mile was a cool-down so I was purposely going slower. I can't find my ANT stick to upload my run but these are my splits, according to my memory:

I am feeling pretty good about my race coming up. My last 10k time was 1:08, 11 min/mile average. I didn't think I'd have a chance at a PR, but I just did 4 miles at about a 10:30 average. And I was only giving about 80%.

I love that a great run will put me in a great mood all day! I hope it can also give me willpower to resist the girl scout cookies I think are being delivered today.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Training Week 5 Recap

Sunday - Ran 7 miles
Monday - 40 min speedwalking w/ hill intervals, strength (chest, triceps)
Tuesday - Ran 4 miles
Wednesday - Biked 10 miles, strength (biceps, shoulders)
Thursday - Ran 4 miles, strength (legs)
Friday - Biked 4.5 miles, ran 2 miles (brick)
Saturday - rest

I have been severely lacking in core work. I started a new schedule this week and I work until 6pm Tuesday-Thursday which has been cutting into my workout time somewhat. I worked out one morning before work, but the other two days I slept in. I'm lazy like that.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Just in time for Valentine's Day

I've found a new love...


It's a whole new sense of tiredness. And jiggly-ness. And I can't wait to do it again!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Roly poly

I cannot seem to get my eating under control this week. Every day I say I am going to stick to my diet, and every day I find some reason to break it. And then I think, well I've already messed up so I might as well just eat whatever I want. I've probably gained 2 lbs. I am keeping up with my workouts at least. I'm hoping I can get it under control tomorrow. It's very discouraging though.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Training Week 4 Recap

Sunday - Ran 6 miles, 30 minutes Pilates
Monday - 30 minutes hip hop/kickboxing, strength (chest, triceps)
Tuesday - Ran 3.5 miles, strength (biceps, shoulders)
Wednesday - Biked 9 miles
Thursday - Ran 3.5 miles, strength (legs)
Friday - 30 minutes Pilates

I skipped my swim this week, honestly I just didn't feel like it. But I got in all the rest of my workouts so I'm pretty happy with week 4.

In other news, I lost 8.6 lbs since January 4th! I am VERY happy about that. Only 4.4 lbs to go till I'm back to my weight from last summer. My metabolism has really kicked up a notch since I started exercising 6 days a week so it is making it hard to keep my calories low. I feel like I am hungry all the time!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January Summary

Running: 39 miles
Biking: 14.25 miles
Swimming: .43 miles
Walking: 10 miles

Runs: 12
Non-run workouts: 9
Rest days: 10

Cross-training: Walking, elliptical, swimming, biking, Pilates, kick-boxing, strength training

Bring it on February!