Saturday, April 2, 2011

Race Goals

T-14 hours! (ish)

As usual I am having more doubts the closer it gets to the race. Did I run enough? Did I rest enough? Did I eat the right foods? Will I be too warm/too cold? Seeing as how I have another half coming up in 4 weeks (Eugene), I am going to set a few goals but if something goes wrong I can figure out what went wrong, and try to fix it for next time.

Goal 1 - PR (sub-2:33.50)
Goal 2 - Break 2:30
Goal 3 - Sub-11 minute average

This is my first solo half so I am a little worried about not having any back-up (motivation, hydration, nutrition, etc.). I think this will be a different half because of it. I am relying 100% on myself. My last solo race went great so hopefully this one does as well!

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