Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Slow and steady wins the race

Last night I went to the gym. We got free 3-month passes so I finally signed up. I got on the treadmill to do an easy walk and loosen up my legs. The girl on the treadmill next to me was running. She looked sweaty and miserable. I was jealous. I had to fight the urge and stick to my blazing speed of 2.5mph. Did I mention it's still hard to go down the stairs? I figure better safe than sorry.

Today though, that treadmill was mine. I had waited 2 days, that's long enough right? I was debating between 2 and 3 miles, so I did 2.5. It felt awesome! My IT band complained a little at the start, but overall I was relatively pain free and full of energy. I wanted to keep going for an hour or two but I don't want to risk injury or delayed recovery with Eugene only 25 days away. So I am taking it slow and steady. Friday I may even get up to 3.5 miles, whoo-hoo!

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