Friday, April 8, 2011

Training Week 13 Recap (Recovery)

Sunday - Race for the Roses Half-Marathon
Monday - Biked 4 miles (easy)
Tuesday - Walked 1 mile, 15 mins elliptical
Wednesday - Ran 2.5 miles
Thursday - Swam 600 yards, biked 6 miles
Friday - Ran 3 miles
Saturday - Rest

Feeling pretty good. I was very sore on Monday and Tuesday, with only slight lingering soreness the rest of the week. I didn't want to go too easy this week since a) I have another half-marathon in 3 weeks and b) I have my first triathlon in 11 weeks. So, I chose active recovery. Definitely got a lot of sleep in, and made sure to eat at least 2000 calories a day for 3 days after the race to restore my muscles and energy stores. Hopefully I did everything right, I'm back into full-on training next week!

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