Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm nothing if not ambitious

Two swims into my sprint tri training and I'm already contemplating a 70.3. This is how it started with running, I just wanted to be able to run a 5k. Never wanted to run a half-marathon. A year later, I've run 3. So in all likelihood a year from now you will find me blogging about my 70.3 training :)

Today's swim went pretty well, except for the continuous foot cramps. I was supposed to do a 6 mile run today, but yesterday I spent 2 hours giving our front yard some much-needed TLC and my hamstrings were way too tight to attempt a run. So I swapped out my run for tomorrow's planned swim. Last Thursday I swam 600 yards in 24 minutes, tonight I did it in 21 1/2 minutes! I also swam 150 yards straight, a first for me. I did four 25s, three 50s, one 150, and two 100s. Last week I think I did six 25s, seven 50s, and one 100.

Before my gym session we spent the afternoon shopping for gear. I love it! We went to Road Runner Sports and I got an awesome new handheld, it has 3 pockets! One small one for a key, one big zippered pocket, and one open mesh pocket. And it's hot pink. I am so excited. We also went to Performance Bicycle and hubby got a bike helmet. Then we drove down to the Pearl Izumi outlet. I was in heaven! Hubby got a really cute cycling outfit and gloves, and I got an awesome tri suit! It was from last season so it was 30% off! And I got matching gloves.

Try not to be jealous:

I know the color coordination is going to help me kick butt at my tri. It's science.


  1. Love the suit! Looking good is like 90% of the training, right? That's what I tell myself when I spend my salary at the running store...

  2. Well I'll try not to be jealous...nope can't do it...Love the tri suit and gloves!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Excited to check yours out as I'm all about running...oh yea and that eating thing. :)

  3. @Vanessa - Thanks and I definitely agree!

    @Julie - Thanks! Yeah, I post a lot about eating on here :) It's one of my favorite things about running!