Saturday, March 12, 2011

Training Week 9 Recap

Sunday - 10 mins elliptical, strength (biceps, shoulders)
Monday - ran 7 miles
Tuesday - rest
Wednesday - ran 4.5 miles, strength (chest, triceps)
Thursday - biked 10 miles, strength (abs)
Friday - ran 4.5 miles
Saturday - 45 minutes Zumba, 20 minutes Pilates

Since I was on PTO Monday, I had to work 9-10 hour days the rest of the week to make up the time. But I still fit in most of my workouts! I missed a leg workout though. Anyway I am happy with the week. My BodyBugg has been great, I re-set the "trip" meter so I can see how much I am burning each workout. Running burns about 600 calories (4.5 miles). Biking only burns around 250. Zumba burns 320. So now I know what to do when I want to get the burn up!

Three weeks till my half!

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