Monday, March 14, 2011

I Can't Believe I Missed an Excuse to Eat Pie

Yes it is national pi day. And considering how much I love pie (the chocolate/cream kinds, not the fruit kinds. except for apple), I can't believe I did not take advantage and celebrate like a good American. I did do some good eating though, including this:

Chicken sausage and corn salad. It may not look like much but it is delicious, trust me. I plan on eating this every day this week. Really.

I was folding my massive pile of laundry last night and I had to document the sad state of my old running socks. Now you can understand why I wasn't sure I was buying the right socks since they were so clean and white (and not shrunken) in the store.

Can you tell which one is new?

Nothing quite like slipping on a brand new pair of running socks. So soft. So non-sweaty.

Today I had a 2-mile recovery run and did some strength training. I wanted to do Pilates but decided to put it off until tomorrow, then I realized tomorrow is a rest day. So it looks like Pilates will make an appearance on Wednesday. Mmm my abs can't wait!

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