Saturday, March 26, 2011

Shopping + Running = Awesome

With multiple sweat sessions per day I have been running out of workout clothes and by the end of the week my bathtub is full of sweaty pants, skirts, tank tops, tees, and sports bras (I'm a firm believer in only doing laundry on the weekend). So I set out this morning to find some new threads for spring/summer running.

Primarily, I am a Reebok girl. I have many Reebok items in my closet, including my favorite pants and skirts. Adidas is ok but runs too big, and Nike runs too small, except for in the chest where the built-in bras are ginormous on me. I love Brooks and Lululemon but I can't afford to build my whole running wardrobe from them. So for now, Reebok it is.

I was super excited to find they have new Reebok running skirts out! And in hot pink and black no less. They also still sell the running shorts I found last summer, the only pair of shorts to EVER look good on me so of course I had to get another pair. Sadly there was not a single Reebok tank with built-in bra in the entire store (Dicks). I perused the Under Armour and Adidas sections and finally settled on Nike DriFit tanks. I am hoping the giant bra cups don't distract people from my superior running skills. I look like a 12 year old girl wearing her mom's underwire.

One fitting-room stop later and here's the damage...

Notice a pattern?

I love new running clothes! Can't wait to try them out on my long run tomorrow!

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