Saturday, March 5, 2011

Training Week 8 Recap

Sunday - Ran 9 miles
Monday - 45 mins Zumba
Tuesday - Ran 4.5 miles, strength (chest, triceps)
Wednesday - rest (traveling)
Thursday - Ran 4.5 miles, 35 mins elliptical, strength (legs)
Friday - Biked 14.5 miles, 10 mins elliptical
Saturday - Walked 4 miles, strength (abs/core)

I have been on vacation for half the week so I have access to a gym. My cardio has been good, but my strength training could have been better. I wanted to run again on Friday or Saturday but my IT band has been bugging me a lot. Hopefully I can do my long run tomorrow, it's a cutback week so only 7 miles luckily.

4 weeks till my half-marathon!

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