Saturday, March 19, 2011

Training Week 10 Recap

Sunday - Ran 10 miles
Monday - Ran 2 miles, strength - biceps, shoulders
Tuesday - Rest
Wednesday - Ran 4.5 miles, strength - chest, triceps, 30 minutes Pilates
Thursday - Biked 10 miles
Friday - Ran 4.5 miles, strength - legs
Saturday - Biked 6 miles, walked 4 miles

Hubby and I went and saw Hood to Coast today. It was good, made me remember why I love running. And it made me really want to run Hood to Coast! We also ate a ton of delicious food, including

Frozen yogurt, my new obsession. And

Devil's food cupcake with chocolate mint filling, chocolate mint ganache, and an Andes mint on top!

I decided instead of eating a lot after my long run, I would try to eat more before my long run and use it as fuel. Last week I only ate about 1500 calories on Friday and 1900 calories on Saturday, and I was struggling during my 10-miler. So we'll see how stockpiling the calories this weekend works for my 11-miler tomorrow!

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