Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Toy

I have wanted a BodyBugg for a long time but I hesitated because it was so expensive. I had mentioned getting one for Christmas but we were in the middle of buying a house and I felt bad spending that much money. Well, imagine my surprise when last week hubby said he wanted to get me my BodyBugg! It was on sale for $149! (Usually $200). We were in Virginia when it arrived so I didn't get it until Tuesday night.


I haven't set up all the features yet to track my diet, etc., I am just using it to calculate calories burned so far. It is cool to see how many calories I am burning during different things like running, working, and even sleeping! I was getting caught in that mentality that I can eat whatever I want because I'm in training. It was not leading to good things. Now I have a much better idea of my caloric needs and I can't rationalize that its ok to eat 1/2 a box of Girl Scout cookies because I MUST have burned at LEAST 3000 calories. Yes I am a little delusional.

We had a fun, food-filled trip and now I am back on track. Third day in a row of successful dieting. This blog must sound like a broken record, I am always dieting good for a week and then I fall off the wagon. Hopefully I can put an end to that.

I am 1954 calories for the day. Gotta get moving if I want to hit 2500 by midnight!

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