Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Gear

I LOVE getting new running stuff! My current shoes have about 250 miles of running, in addition to biking, elliptical-ing, walking, and normal wear. By my half-marathon I would add another 50+ miles so I figured I should get some new shoes to break in and use for the race.

There are a few running stores around here so I decided to try a new one, RoadRunner. There are stores around the country but the only one in Oregon is about 10 mins from our house. Whoo-hoo! It is definitely the best and biggest running store I have been too.

I currently run in Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10. I was tempted to get another pair of these on the cheap instead of moving to the upgraded GTS 11. After reading the reviews though I thought I should give the new model a try. I slipped on a pair and did a quick jog around the store. I loved them! They are lighter than the 10 and you can feel it. In addition to shoes, of course I had to get new running socks. Our running socks have a habit of disappearing. And they are so gray and dingy, I had to double check that I was buying the right kind because they looked so white.

I perused the rest of the store and ended up getting Body Glide (mine has turned sticky and crumbly), a pack of sweatbands (these have also disappeared), and a pack of cute pink Nike headbands. The store has a program where if you pay $20, you get 10% off of everything for a year. I more than made up for the cost in this visit alone :)

I am excited to run in my new shoes but I figure my 10-miler tomorrow probably isn't the best time to debut them. So I will wait till my 4.5-miler on Tuesday. My feet are cravin some Brooks love.

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