Sunday, March 20, 2011


My plan totally worked! Not only did I have enough energy for 11 miles, I had enough for 12! I thought about pushing out another mile and just doing a whole half-marathon right then and there, but I'm being cautious and would hate to have an injury this close to the race. I stuck to my plan perfectly and took three 2-minute walk breaks after 3, 6, and 9 miles to eat some power bar. I got a little tired around 8 miles but then I got my second wind and felt great finishing out.

Today reminded me why I do not do marathons. I had set my alarm for 7:30, which felt way too early when it went off. So I slept in until 8:19. I got up and had breakfast (sandwich flat with peanut butter, and power bar), and since I couldn't run until about 10 (I get a side ache if I run too close to eating) I started cleaning the house. I have a friend coming over around 4:30 and since I spent all day downtown yesterday I had to do all the cleaning today. I got most of the downstairs clean by about 10:15, and started my run. 12 miles + cool-down + stretching + foam rolling = about 3 hours. So now its already well into the afternoon and I still have tons to do! I couldn't imagine if I had to do even longer runs, I would never have time for anything. I cleaned the gym and the upstairs bathrooms and showered. I just finished lunch, and now I have only 2 free hours left in the day. I probably shouldn't spend it blogging, but my legs needed a break. So now I'm off to finish cleaning!

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