Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pre-training week

My first week back has been slow-going but good. No more 7mph sprints or 9 mile runs, that's for sure. This was the schedule for my pre-training week:

Tuesday - 2 miles @ 5mph
Thursday - 2 miles @ 5.5mph
Saturday - 3 miles @ 5.5mph

This is the first week I've run 3 times since early November. The first half-marathon I am looking at is April 3rd, 12 weeks from today. So training official starts tomorrow! I am going to incorporate more cross-training (hill walking, yoga, elliptical) and more stretching. I can still feel my IT bands a little at times, but nothing too bad.

Here are the races I am looking at this year:

April 3rd: Race for the Roses Half-Marathon - Portland, OR
May 1st: Eugene Marathon - Eugene, OR
June 4th: Oregon's Run for the Roses Half-Marathon - Sherwood, OR
June 11th: Helvetia Half-Marathon - Hillsboro, OR
July 17th: See Jane Run Women's Half-Marathon - Seattle, WA
September 4th: Oregon Wine Country Half-Marathon - Dayton, OR
October 9th: Portland Marathon - Portland, OR
October 9th: Goodlife Fitness Victoria Half-Marathon - Victoria, BC

Of course I cannot do all of them, it is hard for me to choose though since there are so many good ones right around here. I am currently registered to run Eugene and walk Helvetia with my mom. The other ones are up in the air for now.

Happy running!

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