Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Yes I have been very bad at updating and running the last 6 weeks. We got caught up in the move, which became very complicated when our closing got pushed back 2 weeks and we had to move twice, once from Virginia to our storage unit, and once from our storage unit to our house. Combine that with living at my parents for a month, hubby having a 90-minute commute, using all my PTO for moving crap and appliance deliveries, weeks of constant rain, and gaining 10 lbs, and you have a very unmotivated runner. But I'm back! We are making a home gym and our treadmill arrived today, whoo-hoo! I think I will have to postpone my dream of running a full marathon at Eugene since it is less than 4 months away and I'm nowhere near ready for training. I was going to push it back to Portland for the full, but it's $135! I can register for 3 half-marathons I'm looking at for that price. So we'll see. Anyway I am glad to be back and itching to run. More to come!

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