Saturday, July 31, 2010

Double Digits

First 10-miler today! The weather was great, around 70 and partly cloudy. Hubby has been having a problem with his hip so he ran the first 2/3rds of it with me and I ran the rest solo. I walked for 1/4 mile during mile 9 but other than that I ran the rest. I was sooo tempted to walk a second time but I knew I would regret not giving it my all. We beat our previous 8k and 10k times (56:44 and 1:11.25, previously 57:57 and 1:15.01) and my total time was 1:59.04/11:54 min pace. Not bad! Much better than my 8-mile and 9-mile runs. Next weekend is only 8 miles so that should go fine.

Afterwards I kind of felt like I was going to pass out. I made it through the door and had to sit down right away, I had no energy left at all. Hubby made me get up and walk around to cool down and let my heart rate slow down gradually. I started guzzling water and powerade and hubby cut me up an apple. After a few minutes I felt better but I was still pretty drained for awhile. I should probably start eating breakfast before my long runs, I am just used to getting up during the week and going straight out for my short runs. I had two Gu's during the run but it wasn't quite enough to balance out the 1,100 calories I burned :)

I also technically hit my 3rd goal weight after the run, but of course I am not counting this as my real weight. It's still fun to see the number on the scale though :) I keep lowering my final goal weight, when I started I wasn't sure how low I could go since I haven't been this low since I was in elementary school. So far I've been hitting all my goals luckily. We are going on vacation in 3 weeks so hopefully I'll be close to my (new) final goal by then so I don't have to diet during vacation.

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