Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weekend Update

Had a great holiday weekend in Alexandria. Spent some time in DC and Baltimore, did a lot of walking, ate some delicious but guilt-inducing food. I tried to be good because I always gain weight on vacation, but I wanted to enjoy myself a little bit. I decided to be good for breakfast and lunch, and then be "bad" for dinner and dessert. Nothing like some Pops ice cream and Lavendar Moon cupcakes! Got two good workouts in, one 3 1/2 mile tempo run and one 2 mile speed workout. Plus several hours of walking each day. So overall I think I did pretty good.

This morning I went out for a tempo run and ended up doing 6 1/2 miles. I was pretty happy with my splits, usually I slow down after the first 2 miles but today I kept pace pretty well till the last mile: 11:33, 11:40, 11:33, 11:33, 11:43, 11:57. I know I've said it a million times on here but HM goal pace is 11:27. Weather was pretty good this morning, around 75 with a light breeze and low humidity. About as good as it gets here in the summer. I wish every morning was like that! Much better than 85 and humid.

We went to a Pacers running store in Alexandria, they had an awesome selection of gels (25-30 options if not more) so I got a few that I haven't seen around here. I tried one out today - Chocolate Mint - amazing! It tastes like a york peppermint patty. I'm going to order some on Amazon I think. I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for 8 miles next week and hopefully having some tasty Gu to look forward to will help!

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