Thursday, July 15, 2010

Good running week

I'm very pleased with the 3 solid runs I got in this week:

Sunday - 8 miles, 12:30ish pace (didnt bring Garmin, just a normal watch)

Tuesday - 4 miles, 11:51 pace (still recovering from long run)

Thursday - 4 miles, 11:02 pace (love my splits! 11:18, 11:00, 10:56, 10:54)

The average temp at 6am is around 77, and humidity so high the windows are completely steamed up when I wake up. I wonder how much faster I could go if it was just 10 degrees cooler. Right now I'm just trying to make the best of the weather. Only about 2 months of summer left!

Coming up I have 6 miles on Saturday (my bday!) then two more 4-milers next week. Maybe I'll work in a speed workout too. I'd like to work up to doing 3-4 miles at 10:30/mile so I can improve my 5k time. Can't wait till fall weather comes!

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