Thursday, July 22, 2010

Have you seen my running mojo?

I don't know where it went. My two 4-mile runs this week were awful. My pace wasn't horrible but it wasn't great - 11:38 on Tuesday and 11:29 today - but I just felt terrible. I had no energy, my legs were fatigued (which never happens), I felt nauseas, I started to get stomach cramps (which also never happens). It was a struggle just to finish. It's frustrating because I've had three great running weeks with no problems, not even on my long runs. It doesn't give me a lot of confidence going into my 9-miler this weekend. Hubby says not to worry and everyone has bad days, but I haven't had a bad run in almost a month. It was 78* and pretty humid both mornings, but that's how its been for the last 2 months and I've been fine. Hopefully I find my mojo again cause I don't know how many more runs like this I can take!

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