Saturday, July 24, 2010

It ain't pretty

Today hubby and I had what I call an "ugly" run. A 9-miler was on deck, and despite the current heat wave we set out at 6am, both dreading it. It was already about 83 and fairly muggy when we started. We went to the golf course since it has a 3-mile loop and we could stop back at the car between loops to refuel and rehydrate. Even hubby, who never sweats when we go at my pace, was sweating. I hate walking before I really need to, but we knew with the heat and humidity we would have to be careful. After about 5 miles I got really mad at the weather and just wanted to be done. There were bugs flying everywhere (tons of gnats, dragonflies and giant moths in this region) and they kept hitting us in the face and buzzing by our ears. I was completely soaked in sweat, luckily I brought a towel so I could dry off before getting in the car. We were SO GLAD to be done and not have it hanging over our head all weekend. Next week will be 10 miles but I don't even want to think about that right now!

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