Friday, August 6, 2010

Burn out

Sigh. Lately I've been feeling like running is more of a chore than a choice. I think it can mostly be attributed to having to get up at 5:30, and the hot, humid weather. I've been keeping up with my training schedule perfectly, but I find myself longing for the days when I won't have to plan everything around running. I miss having free weekends, sleeping in on Saturdays, not worrying about how what I eat will affect my running, not being hungry all the time, and having normal-looking toes and toenails. I am looking forward to being done with my half-marathon, so I can go back to running when I want, how long I want, how fast I want, and how often I want. As of tomorrow I will be 18 weeks through training, 4 to go. This is the critical time, only a few long runs left then it's into my taper and then it's race day! I think it will be good to take some time off from racing after that, find a good spring race to focus on, and take it from there.

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