Friday, August 19, 2011

Paranoid? Hypochondriac? Or just being cautious?

Since I have been increasing my mileage a lot for my double halfs, I have become very worried about getting injured.

I woke up in the middle of the night and my ankle hurt, of course this means I have a stress fracture.

My shins hurt for a few minutes during a run, so I obviously have shin splints.

I had a little pain in my right knee after my tempo run, definitely means patellar tendonitis.

So now I am icing, resting, wearing a PT strap, etc. trying to avoid injury at all costs. I think I am just being cautious. But, perhaps I am being paranoid. Or a hypochrondriac. Or both.

But can you blame me? After reading about other bloggers' various injuries (and long recoveries), that is the last thing I want. My races are only 2 weeks away! At this point I am willing to do just about anything to ensure I show up at the start line(s) injury-free.

If you have any injury prevention tips or advice, I would love to hear it!


  1. All of the above. Just use common sense (stretch, exercise, stretch, eat/drink, rest - repeat) and don't worry yourself to an injury. Be proud of what you have done, it is pretty stellar!

  2. Oh no!!!! I happened on your blog from Gourmet Runner and died at that pic of you and the doughnut... um, I'm going to need me one of those.
    Have you ever been injured before? Do you actually have a stress fracture?? I youtubed a bunch of taping techniques when I had shin splints and it really worked. Otherwise ice like it's your job :)

  3. Lol the doughnut is from Voodoo Doughnut in Portland, OR. It was amazing!

    The only real injury I have had is ITBS, which I've had on and off for about a year. Other than that nothing that lasts longer than a day or two. No stress fracture yet luckily! I am just very afraid of getting one. Thanks for the tip on taping, I will give that a try for my shins!