Friday, August 12, 2011

Double Trouble

With any luck, I will accomplish my goal of doing back-to-back half-marathons three weeks from now. I am excited but anxious.

I have chosen the Oregon Wine Country Half-Marathon on September 4th, and the Labor Day Half-Marathon on September 5th. I chose the first race because it is about 30 minutes from my house and you get a logo wine glass. I don't drink wine, but I am a sucker for anything with a race logo. I chose the second race because it was the closest one I could find on that day (2.5 hours away) and it doesn't start until 10:30, so my legs will have about 25 hours of rest/recovery between finishing the first race and starting the second one.

I tweeted Marlene for advice since she did the Goofy Challenge last year. She said to do back-to-back long runs every weekend, so last weekend I did 9 miles on Sunday, 5.5 miles on Monday (I didn't wake up early enough to get more than that in before work). I kept my pace slow (around 11:45/mile) and I felt totally fine after both runs and wasn't sore at all. That is my goal for the two races, I am not worried about my time (for once!).

This weekend I have my first back-to-back double digit runs - 10 miles each on Saturday and Sunday. I'll be honest, I don't know how its going to go. I will do at least one run on the treadmill to make it easier on my knees. And in case something goes wrong or I decide to cut my run short. Once you're 5 miles from home, it's hard to end a run early!

After my two runs last weekend I was basically eating everything in sight, so I plan on having a fun day on Sunday :)

I'll keep you posted!

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  1. LOVE THE TREADMILL STORY BELOW:) Wahoo....back to back, you are amazing and I am stoked for your spring marathon!! PS I am going to take you up on the yogurt land offer:)