Saturday, February 19, 2011

Racey race time

Whoo-hoo! First race of 2011 tomorrow! Heartbreaker 10k in Portland. It is going to be 36* at the start of the race so I am fretting a little about what to wear. I think I will go with, long running tights, short-sleeve tech tee, long-sleeve 1/4 zip top, and gloves. At my last 10k it was about 47* at the start, and I was almost too warm by the end in my running capris and long-sleeve top, with no base layer. I just don't want to be too warm since my running deteriorates. But I also don't want to be too cold. Decisions, decisions!

I have two race goals:
1. PR (sub-1:08:10)
2. Sub-1:05

Hubby has the day off tomorrow (yay!) so he is going to crew for me and cheer me on. And hopefully we can do something fun downtown after. Can't wait!

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