Saturday, June 19, 2010

Icelandic Seafood Fest 8K

Turns out trying to run 5 miles when its almost 90 out isnt the best idea. My goal of course was to run the entire race as my long run. My secondary goal was to finish in under an hour. We were doing pretty well until I got a foot and calf cramp after about 3.5 miles. My foot was turning outward with every step so I walked a 1/4 mile to try and stretch it out, and drink some water. It was a scorcher! Then when we were nearing the end of the course I just felt awful (and the course was mismarked, I thought we had .5 miles to go but we only had about .36 to go), so I walked for maybe a minute to drink some more water. If I had known we only had 1/3 of a mile left I probably wouldn't have walked! But oh well. Our final time was 57:57. Average pace 11:40 min/mile. My goal was between 11:30 and 12 due to the heat.

There were some positives with this course (lots of pre-race communication, catered seafood dinner, expo booths, etc), but there were several negatives as well. First the mismarked course, as I mentioned. Secondly, they ran out of water at two of the water stops, when only about half of the 900+ runners and walkers had gone by. This didn't affect us personally since we had a fuel belt, but I felt bad for the others who were clearly suffering in the heat. Thirdly, they scheduled it for 7pm in late June, when it is usually in the high 80s/low 90s and high humidity! Who schedules a 5-mile race when its that hot out?!

We were so beat from the heat and running that we didn't even feel like eating the dinner. I just had the brownie they offered for dessert. Then we came home and I had some Special K vanilla almond, yum! Now we are putting the feeties up. The last three times I ran I have gotten a bad pain on the outside of my right foot. I'm hoping it's nothing serious, but it hurts pretty badly when I run. Next Saturday we have a 10K but luckily it is in the morning so it should only be in the 70s. Then it's no more races for a while!

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