Saturday, June 26, 2010

Chesty Puller Memorial Twin Bridge Run 10K

I really should learn by now to forget time goals when its over 80 outside. In addition to being ridiculously hot for a race (88 by the time we finished), this race included two over-and-backs across two big bridges for a total of four hard inclines and declines. The good thing was we both had our ipods so the music distracted us from our misery for awhile. But it couldn't save us.

The first mile was awesome. Started out strong, sub 10-min/mile, felt easy. When we turned onto the first bridge I knew it wasn't going to stay so easy. I drank water at almost every stop so I would stay hydrated in the heat, but I get nauseous whenever I have anything in my stomach when I run, so I was basically nauseous the entire time. We decided it was ok to take walk breaks so I could drink and walk for a few minutes. Overall it was pretty much the same break-down as my last running 10k, walked 1 mile total and ran 5.2 miles total.

My favorite part of the race were these two military people running with gas masks on, one carrying a full size American flag and one carrying a Wounded Warrior Project flag. It was so inspiring and motivating.

I was talking with hubby during the race and after, and I think I am going to run-walk the half-marathon. It is too hot and humid here to run the whole thing straight. It's frustrating because in the right climate I could probably do it. But this heat just makes me miserable and I know I would burn out and not want to keep running long-term. So I think starting with my next long run I'm going to try a run-walk strategy.

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