Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tabb High School May Day 5K

This race had a LOT more people than last week, I think around 300. It was mostly teenagers and their parents (it was a HS fundraiser 5K). I got caught up with the crowd and started too fast, my first mile was about 10:40 and by 2 miles I was at 22:11. I was feeling a little sick, I think partially due to heat/sun (it is going to be in the 90s today and we were running directly under the sun), so I took a short walking break. It turned into a 3-minute break, and I figured my time was shot so I just half-assed it for the last mile, running and walking. It's a beautiful day so why not enjoy it! Plus most other people on the course were alternating running and walking so I didn't feel as much pressure to run the whole time. It was funny, a lot of the teenage girls that started out fast had to stop and walk before they had gone 1 mile.

One bad thing about the race was that it was held in the neighborhood across from the HS, and it was 3 down-and-backs on these long residential streets, so it was kind of boring. And not a lot of shade so we were basically running in the sun the whole time.

After the 5K I went over to my usual running trail to do some speed work. It was ridiculous how fast I got tired after the 5K. My goal was to alternate running 1/4 mile really fast, and then walking 1/4 mile. My running sessions quickly turned into 30-45 second sprints instead lol. At first I was bummed how the 5K turned out, but I reminded myself that running every 5K isn't the goal, the 5Ks are just a training tool to get me physically used to running several times a week, and mentally used to races and getting up early on the weekends. So with that perspective, the race was still a success.

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