Saturday, May 22, 2010

Run For Your Life 5k

Interesting. It was held at a hospital/medical school campus, so for the course we did 3 laps around the parking lot and a few buildings. Not the most exciting course. I did it with my RP, who's been feeling a little under the weather this week. After about half a mile I was thinking, why do I keep doing this to myself? haha. I was pushing it though, going a lot faster than usual. For the first mile, we were on pace to hit 33 mins exactly (10:37), but a little after the half-way point RP wasn't feeling it and we had a very short walk break. We stopped again during the 3rd mile so she could drink some water, but that was less than a minute walking probably. We ended up finishing at 33:53, which is still very good for us considering we stopped twice to walk.

We stayed after the race for awhile which I normally don't do. We watched the kids' race, which was really cute. I told my RP to bring her baby next time since all the kids get medals, even if they are pushed in a stroller. We got some cool race goodies, a "Get Energized" wristband, a calorie/exercise/food thing that breaks down the exercise you have to do to burn calories in certain foods, and RP got an apple-shaped stress ball.

When I got home hubby had got me flowers! As a congratulations for completing all my 5ks. Tomorrow I will post some pics and do a 5k challenge summary. Overall I think it was quite a success.

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