Saturday, May 15, 2010

Salute to the Military Red, White and Blue 5K

Favorite race so far. Hubby ran it with me, it was free for him since he is in the AF. There were a lot of military people there. Based on bib numbers I think there were around 500 people total. Last night I had been reading stories about embarassing running moments on and a lot of people had gone to the bathroom (either peed or pooped) on themselves while running, so this has become my new fear. Then today as soon as the race started I felt like I had to go to the bathroom! It was kind of good though because it kept me a little distracted from focusing on running.

The race started out with a loooong hill and had some downhills and then another big hill near the end. We had not trained for hills at all so I thought this would really eat into our time and/or wear us out. But, we did pretty good. Luckily they had mile-markers so I could keep our pace, at 2 miles we were at 21:44 and at 3 miles we were at 32:46. Our goal was to maintain an 11-minute mile pace and finish in about 34 minutes. Our clock time was 33:47, but it took us about 5 seconds to get to the starting line so I am putting our official time as 33:42.

This was my favorite race because the course was challenging but varied (hills, downhills, open sunshine, treed/foresty areas, etc.) and cause we rocked it. It started on the Coast Guard Training Center, which is right on the York River so there was a nice view. We have lucked out with nice 5K views, since last week we were on the Chesapeake Bay. Today was supposed to be my last 5K in the series but last night I signed up for one more. I am trying to get hubby or my RP to do it too, I do so much better when I don't run alone!

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