Saturday, May 8, 2010

5K by the Bay

Killed it! Well, as much as you can when you run as slow as I do. I was supposed to do it with my running partner and my husband but my RP had to stay home to take care of her sick husband. So it was just hubby and me. It was a beautiful course, right on the Chesapeake Bay. It went down a main street aways and then looped around a neighborhood and came back to the same street. It was very hot too, we were right in the sun and I think it was around 80* by the time we finished. On the main street there was basically no shade, but luckily we got a little when we were looping around the neighborhood. There was a water stop after about 2 miles, but the only time I have used a water stop I felt sick immediately after so now I avoid them.

The second half was a lot slower due to strong winds, but we still managed to get a PR (34:58, my goal was to break 35 minutes and we did!). I wanted to make hubby proud! It was his first 5K so of course it was a PR for him. He didn't even break a sweat, he is a fast runner (like 6-minute mile fast) so I am very appreciative that he ran slow for me :) I'm a little sad that next weekend is my last 5K in the series...I may have to sign up for a 6th!

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