Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Good News, Bad News

I finally got up the nerve to go to a sports medicine doctor on Friday. I really liked him, he seemed very thorough and didn't think I was crazy for wanting to run a marathon and an ultra this year.

The good news is, I only have a mild hamstring strain and if the pain isn't getting worse I can continue to run.

The bad news is, the hamstring strain (and the IT band issue I have had for a year+) is due to my SI joint being tilted. So that kind of sucks. My right hip is slightly more forward than my left hip, and I have weak hip stabilizers. So, this pulls on my hamstring, and stretches my IT band. I also overpronate, which increases the pulling and stretching. So the doc recommended PT for 6 weeks to work on some of these issues.

I am glad that my current injury isn't worse, but not thrilled that my body is a little screwed up. It does explain a lot though.

The doctor said doing the marathon and ultra is "ambitious but do-able." So I have decided to push back the ultra to one in October. This gives me 3 more months so I don't need to rush into training. If my hamstring heals up as planned, I will still do the marathon in April I think. I have about 14 weeks to go so hopefully the rest of my training goes fine.

If anyone in the Portland area sees this and is looking for a good sports medicine doc, you should see Dr. Crist at the Portland Clinic. He is great!

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