Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 in Review/2012 Goals

So yes it has been a long time since I posted, again! I have still been running though. I decided to run a half-marathon on the treadmill every weekend in December a) as a challenge to keep me running, and b) to ward off those extra holiday calories. It was really fun and the last half was the best! I have also been reflecting on my running this past year and thinking about things I want to accomplish next year...

2011 running by the numbers:

Miles: 780.45
Races: 1 5k, 1 10k, 7 half-marathons (+4 on the treadmill :)
PRs: 5k, 10k, half-marathon

2011 goals accomplished:

Breaking 30 minutes in a 5k
Breaking 2:30 and 2:20 in a half-marathon
PRing in a 10k
Joining Half Fanatics
Running a half-marathon with no walking
Running 2 half-marathons back to back

The last 2 years I have focused too much on race quantity over quality. This definitely isn't the best use of my training, or racing budget. So this year, I am only going to do races that a) are potential opportunities to accomplish my running goals or b) important for other reasons such as friends or family running also.

2012 goals:

Break 2:10 in a half-marathon (current PR 2:19:35)
Complete a marathon (current longest run 14 miles)
Complete an ultramarathon (complete...not race! the goal will be to cross the finish line, no time goal)

2012 races planned:

4/15 Vernonia Marathon
5/20 Rock n Roll Portland Half-Marathon
7/28 Mt. Hood 50 Miler
10/7 Portland Half-Marathon

Today is a rest day so I am spending it looking up races and training plans. It is hard to narrow down which races and goals to go many options!

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