Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tri Training Week 2 Recap

Sunday - Ran 6 miles, walked 8 miles
Monday - Biked 15 miles, swam 1200 yards
Tuesday - Ran 5 miles, 60 minutes Zumba
Wednesday - Biked 15 miles, swam 1200 yards
Thursday - Ran 5 miles, 60 minutes Zumba
Friday - Biked 25 miles, swam 1500 yards
Saturday - rest!

Running - 16 miles, 3:00.28
Biking - 55 miles, 3:43.42
Swimming - 3900 yards, 1:59.23

73.22 miles, 8:43.33

Yay another week of workouts done! I was so happy I followed my training schedule exactly. Last night I wasn't sure how I was going to fit in my long bike and swim after work, but since it was Friday it was ok to stay up till midnight to fit it all in :)

I am feeling a lot better this week than last week. My schedule adjustments have really helped, I now have a little free time every night. And I'm not waking up exhausted every day. Yay!

My mom and I are walking a half-marathon in 2 weeks so I am trying to fit in a few long walks before then (thus the 8 mile walk on Sunday, and upcoming 11 mile walk tomorrow). I feel more sore walking that long than running! Overall I have been pretty pain free with all my training and I feel very lucky for that.

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!


  1. That is one great week of training!!! How nice to be doing a 1/2 with your mom!

  2. Thanks! It will be her first 1/2, I'm so excited for her! I think after this one she will be hooked :)