Thursday, May 5, 2011

I hate taking rest days. Since I am about to start a pretty busy training schedule in a week or so I figured I should listen to my body and give it what it needed. This week it needed sleep, food, and rest.

Monday was an easy day to rest, we were driving back from Eugene and then I was busy stuffing my face and falling asleep on the couch the rest of the afternoon.

Tuesday I had to fight the urge to head over to the gym. It helped that there was a new Biggest Loser on. And that I had an awful day at work and sitting on the couch eating cookies seemed very appealing.

Wednesday, I had had enough. I needed to sweat! I didn't want to do anything too crazy since I was still only 3 days out from the race, so I did an easy 35 minute bike and 35 minute swim. My swim was agonizingly slow, I don't think my legs are back to normal yet. At times I wasn't even sure if I was moving forward. I was tempted to do more than 1000 yards, until I got the worst foot cramps of my life at 950. I was determined to get to 1000, though I probably looked ridiculous doing a combination frog-kick and crawl stroke for the last lap.

Tonight I will be doing my first post-race run, 3 miles at the blazing speed of 5mph. My friend Rachelle invited me to Zumba but after attempting some of the moves in my kitchen, I was pretty sure I wouldn't make it through class un-injured. And I kind of feel like being a hermit tonight. Hubby is gone for work and watching Greys Anatomy while obsessing over tri training plans sounds like a perfect way to spend the evening. Also I may or may not have eaten 4 snack size bags of Doritos and I can't get the orange out of my fingernails.

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