Sunday, May 1, 2011

Surprise surprise...

I met all my goals! (Technically).

To review, my race goals were:

1. PR (sub-2:21.57)
2. Break 2:20
3. Sub-10:40 average

My final time was 2:19.45 (10:40 average). However, my Garmin registered 13.11 miles and a 10:39 average. So, technically, I had a sub-10:40 average. The other goals I definitely met, no technicalities about it!

I am very happy with the result. I have had a cold the past several days, and woke up with a stuffed up nose that stuck with me throughout the race. I also slept horribly last night and got maybe 2-3 hours of real sleep. So, I did not have high expectations for the race. But the race turned out great! The rest of the day was very fun as well, including lunch with our friend who is graduating from UO law school this week (!!), and eating at every one of our favorite Eugene spots.

Race report tomorrow...this tired girl is going to bed!