Thursday, May 12, 2011


I used to think I was a slow runner, until I got in the pool. Turns out I am a much slower swimmer than I am runner. Even with cutting 5 minutes off my 1000 yard time, I am still just under 30 minutes.

Last night I was feeling good after I hit 1000 yards so I kept going...and going...until I swam a mile! A teeny bit over a mile actually, 1800 yards (1.02 miles). Whoo-hoo! However, it took 59 minutes and 45 seconds. So essentially, my swimming speed is 1mph. It makes my current race pace of 5.7mph seem super fast though!

We were supposed to be on vacation this week, but then life happened. We are finally heading out of town today, I'm so excited! Our hotel has a gym and a pool so I can still get all my workouts in. I was supposed to run this morning before we leave but my quads are not having it, they are still pretty sore from my speed workout on Tuesday. Hopefully I can get my run in tonight at the hotel. And tomorrow, the eating starts! We are going to Seattle so we will definitely be hitting up our favorites at Pike Place Market...delicious sandwiches, farm fresh produce, and baked goods as big as your head!


  1. Nice job with the mile swim! I can't remember the last time I swam for an entire hour, I'm impressed!

  2. I don't care how fast you go...a mile is a mile. Well done, Meg!!!