Wednesday, September 1, 2010

One more run to go...

till the big day! Tomorrow I have a short 3-miler then its rest for two days and the half on Sunday. I can't believe it is here already! A hurricane is supposed to pass by tomorrow night/Friday so hopefully it doesn't mess stuff up too much. I would be really upset if they canceled the race after I've been training for 22 weeks!

The last two weeks of training have been tough. I've been doing all my planned runs (except for my 12-miler in OR), but I've felt so tired and like I want to quit every time. I know I will be able to finish the race, I just hope I enjoy it. My long run on Saturday didn't go too well, I got a horrible side ache/cramp and had to keep stopping to walk. I also overdressed for the weather and was overheating. I'm trying to brush it off as just a bad running day but I'm worried it will affect me mentally during the race and make me lose confidence.

Hubby and I have been reading "Ultramarathon Man" by Dean K. and it has inspired hubby to start trail running. There is a pretty good 5-mile trail near where we live that he ran a few days ago and loved it. He has decided to train for a 10k or half-marathon trail race in Georgia in October. And, there is a meet and greet with Dean K. the night before the race! Sadly I cannot go, I've commited to another race here the same weekend. But now that he has caught running fever like me, we've been planning out races we can do this fall, both together and apart. It is nice to have a hobby in common! Plus now he understands my love of all things running. We went to a local mountain sports store to get him outfitted with trail running shoes, etc. For now I will stick with street races, I am not a fan of the trails.

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