Friday, August 27, 2010


I have been on vacation for the last 7 days, and so far it has been very bad and very good for my running. The bad part is that I didn't have a chance to do my 12 mile run last weekend or this week because we've been busy running around all over the Pacific NW. The good part is that the weather is perfect and my running times have been great! 4-mile run Sunday at 9:56/mile, 3-mile run Wednesday at 11:10/mile (it was around 85*, hottest day of the week), 3-mile run Friday at 9:49/mile. My average is usually 11-11:40/mile in Hampton so I was very pleased. Tomorrow I am going to try to get a long run in but since the race is 1 week away I'm going to keep it to 7-8 miles. I feel bad about not getting in my 12 miler, but a lot of training programs only have runners go up to 10 or 11 miles for the longest run so I should be ok.

We went to REI and they had a HUGE selection of gels so I am trying an Apple Cinnamon Hammer Gel tomorrow. I also got a few more Gu's. They have a much better selection than the Dicks and the running store by us.

My eating has been atrocious but I curbed it after 4 days of all-out junk fests so I think I should only gain about 2 lbs. But with 2 half marathons in the next 3 weeks I will lose it pretty quickly hopefully!

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