Saturday, September 3, 2011

Here Goes Nothing!

Running clothes laid out next to the bed, PB sandwich and glass of water on the nightstand, gym bag packed, and water bottle chilling in the fridge. Guess I'm ready!

I have made a few goals around my double halfs, and I am going to post them so I stay accountable. I know race Megan too well, and she will be tempted to do a little improvising on the race course :)

Goal #1: Don't get injured. I have a goal half-marathon in October, and marathon training starts in November. So ultimately I need to come out of this weekend healthy.

Goal #2: Finish both races upright and smiling. As long as I finish within the time limit (3:30), it doesn't matter how long it takes me. In this case, the longer the better.

Goal #3: Go slow enough during race #1 that I don't feel any soreness or pain the next day. This is the one I will have the most trouble with, it is hard to force myself to run slow or walk when I know I can go faster.

We'll see how well I can stick to these goals...

Here goes nothing!