Thursday, September 15, 2011

Best Anniversary Present Ever

I mentioned in my last post that my husband had to leave my first race to pick-up his anniversary gift for me. When I got home I walked into the kitchen and was totally blown away to find this...

It's us after we finish the Rock n Roll USA Marathon in DC! It is our first marathon and we will be training for it and running it together. The cake has the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Memorial on the front, and the Potomac River going all around it. The flag is because its the USA Marathon, of course. I was so excited and surprised, we used to watch Ace of Cakes and I would always say how I really wanted a custom cake some day. I never really thought I would get one though!

It was almost too cute to eat. Almost. It was carrot cake, after all. And it was delicious! We saved the little fondant people for now. I couldn't bare to eat them.

Getting a custom cake has ruined me for all other cakes. I expect a custom cake on all occasions from now on, ok hubby? Thanks!