Sunday, July 10, 2011

Getting Dirty

Short version: Today I ran the hardest half-marathon ever*!

*of the 6 halfs I have done

Long version: I have been toying with the idea of joining Half Fanatics, and the criteria for the second level of membership is to do 6 half-marathons in 6 months. I have already done 3 in 3 months, so I am trying to keep the streak going.

I found the Fueled by Fine Wine Half-Marathon on (a Northwest race website). I had a free Sunday so I decided why not. I signed up last weekend, and then I read comments from last year's race.

the most challenging

hills were more challenging than anticipated

You won’t run your best time


I figured a PR was out the window, so I didn't taper this week or do my usual carbo loading routine. That was nice because usually races totally interrupt my workout schedules and I end up gaining weight from eating more before and after the race.

The race was TOUGH. About a third of the runners started walking after the first mile. Basically the entire course you are running uphill or downhill. Usually I love running downhill because I can make up time, but these downhills were STEEP, and often gravel or dirt/vineyard paths, I was too afraid to really let loose. I turned my ankle at least 4 times but surprisingly no injuries! There were a few hills when I looked up and either no one was running at all, or only 1 or 2 people were running, out of 30-50 people in front of me. So I felt better about walking. I think I could have run more than I did, but I kept reminding myself that this was not my "A" race, and I didn't want to hurt myself or end up so sore that I had to take a few days off this week.

The good thing is, I am definitely getting faster. On the few flat stretches there were, I was able to hold a pace over a minute faster per mile than my average at Eugene. So my next good (flat) half, I could probably cut a few minutes off. Yay!

I got so dirty during the race too, I have never done a race on dirt like that before. My entire body was covered in a thin layer of dirt.

Overall I feel ok about the race. I do not think I will do it again, even though its only 20 minutes from our house. The after party was a huge wine tasting event, and our goodie bags had tons of free wine tasting cards and wine discounts, but I don't like wine. I may have liked it better if I liked wine. Most people there were just excited to drink the wine after.

Anyone else done a really hard and/or dirty race? What were your thoughts?

Ready to go! Hubby hung out with me before the race until he had to leave for work. Luckily the race was on his way to work!

Start/finish line. We started and ended in sand. It was weird.

This is the hill the race started on. They wasted no time.

So happy to be done!

I love the medal!

A better finishing pic once I had a mirror to work with.

These shoes were white this morning!

Back of my legs.

Yes this is after I took my socks off. Don't let my paleness blind you. Now I have awesome sock, wristband, and ipod armband tan lines.

Even my neck was dirty! Gross!


  1. Great job on a tough course!! Me I think the wine post run sounds fabulous! :)

    Half fanatics huh!? Very cool!

  2. Thanks! Yeah most people enjoyed the wine. I prefer chocolate though!