Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weekly Training Recap

Sunday - Ran 8 miles
Monday - Biked 25 miles, walked 2 miles
Tuesday - Ran 4 miles, 60 minutes Zumba
Wednesday, Biked 12 miles, ran 2 miles (brick)
Thursday - Ran 4 miles, 60 minutes Zumba
Friday - 30 minutes Bottoms Up (killer butt class), 20 minutes Elliptical
Saturday - 30 minutes ABSolutely (killer abs class), 60 minutes Zumba

I have been cheating on my tri training with group exercise classes. They are just too much fun! I haven't been doing any weight training so the classes alleviate some of the guilt since they help tone and strengthen.

I can finally see my training paying off! I was able to do both of my 4 mile runs at the pace I wanted, without having to slow down half way through. And that was after starting the week with my long run and long bike.

Exercising has become so much more fun now that I am focusing on doing the workouts I enjoy and not worrying about following a particular plan. I know in the end, no one really cares about the training and races I do but me. I mean, my family and friends support me, but they aren't going to be disappointed in me if I don't do something. I am the only one that will be disappointed. So why do I stress myself out over it so much? Hubby says, if I am feeling better, and I feel in better shape and more healthy and physically fit, that is what matters. Not if I do 10 half-marathons or run a 7-minute mile.

The other thing I have been struggling with is spending so much money on training. Running was expensive to start, getting a Garmin, clothes, gear, etc., but now it is pretty cheap. Just Power Bars and a new pair of shoes every few months. Tri training, however, seems to have a never-ending string of expenses. Swimming suit, bike/tri shorts, bike, helmet, gloves, pedals, shoes, wetsuit rental, gym membership (for pool access), bike tune-up and fitting, goggles, swim cap, and on and on. Not to mention the race fees can be twice as much as a running race. I am finding it hard to rationalize spending so much money on a "hobby." In order for me to do even one race this season, I will have to spend several hundred dollars. Is it worth it? Last year we were able to do any race we wanted, buy any gear we wanted. Now we have a house and a new car, and we have to pick and choose what training and races we can do. Last year I was doing races every week. Now I try to limit it to one race per month. It does make racing a little more special though, since I can't just do it any weekend I want.

These are just the thoughts I've had lately. I have a lot of time to think with all the time I spend on the treadmill and the bike :)


  1. Oh's expensive!!! And I do everything cheap! ;) But still spend a plenty. Race fees get crazy even when you have everything. And it seems I always want something. Duh! :) But it's so much fun and if I wasn't spending it on races I'd probably be spending it on some other thing.

  2. Whenever I start to think running is expensive I remember tri's---the price tag is insane! Great week of workouts, those exercise classes sound fun!

  3. Julie - It is so much fun! My problem is I *should* be spending the money on other things instead of races/training :( But you only live once right?!

    Vanessa - Thanks! And yes that is one thing I like better about running - a lot cheaper!