Friday, June 10, 2011

23-Day Challenge Update

Earlier I had mentioned I was using my alone time while my husband was gone to work on my diet and exercise routine. Then my computer broke so I couldn't write about what happened during my self challenge. But now we have a new computer so I am finally getting to catch up on blogs, etc.

During the 23 days, I worked out 1-2 hours a day (or 3 depending on the workout), 6 days a week, and tried to stick to a diet around 1500 calories. One day a week I would rest and eat over 2000 calories to keep my body from thinking I was starving it.

- Lost 11.6 lbs
- Reduced body fat by 3%
- Lost 2" in my waist
- Lost 1" in my chest
- Lost 1" around my thigh
- Lost 3/4" around my upper arm

I really wish I had taken a before picture so I could compare it with after. I can definitely tell the difference in my legs and mid-section.

The funny (and frustrating) thing is, I lost all the weight in the first 2 weeks, and I didn't lose any after that. But my body fat went down 2% in the last 2 weeks, so I know I must be losing fat and gaining muscle. That is ok by me! But I would like to eventually get back to what I weighed last summer (about 9 lbs less than now). Overall though I am happy with the results!


  1. Wow, thats so awesome! Congrats on the loss!

  2. Those are awesome results for 22 days! Good job on your commitment!