Sunday, June 12, 2011

Training Week Recap/Helvetia Half-Marathon

Sunday - Walked 6 miles
Monday - Ran 4 miles
Tuesday - Biked 15 miles, 60 minutes Zumba
Wednesday - Ran 4 miles
Thursday - Biked 15 miles, 60 minutes Zumba
Friday - Rest day
Saturday - Walked 13.1 miles (Helvetia Half-Marathon)

I did absolutely no swimming this week. That is not good. Since hubby came home on Monday night I was trying to spend a little time with him this week after work instead of being at the gym every night. We found out he has to go to a 3-week training course in GA, and then another 2-week training course in CA back to back, so he will be gone from June 20-July 23. So, getting all my workouts in seems a little less important this week and next week.

One good thing is that my mom and I did our first mother-daughter half-marathon on Saturday! It was perfect weather, around 60-65, partly cloudy, and she did awesome! We beat our time goal by 10 minutes. I loved doing this race because there are TONS of walkers. The most I have ever seen for a half-marathon. Over 150 people finished after us, so we didn't feel like we were at the back of the line the whole time. She had a great time too, I think I have convinced her that we should make it an annual event :)

All ready to go!

We made it!

After the race I went home to shower and let the dog out, then after hubby got home from work we met up with my parents for a celebration dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant, Nonna Emilia's. We were celebrating our race, my mom's retirement, and Father's Day, since they will be out of town next weekend. It was a great dinner, I love my family!

I don't have any races on the schedule for the next two months, so I am on the hunt today to find something. Any suggestions?

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