Sunday, October 10, 2010

She's as cold as ice

My butt that is. And thigh. And foot. Went for a very successful 6.36 mile run today, but in the process developed pain in my foot (well, that has been there since Friday), ankle, IT band, and piriformis. The pain I'm most concerned about is the ITB. Usually this does not hurt while running, just afterwards. Today it started after about 2.2 miles and persisted the rest of the run. So I have spent the rest of the day icing, elevating, stretching, "Stick"ing, foam rolling, and scaring myself by reading about the dangers of ITBS. I really hope my body can stick it out for just 5 more weeks till I get through OBX. If I go back to running every 3rd day, I would only have 11 runs left till then. After OBX I am fine taking a month off, I just really want to get through the races I have planned first. I'm so bummed because energy-wise I felt like I could have kept running for a couple more miles this morning. The weather was great (55 degrees when I started) and yesterday's diet of Mexican food and chocolate was fueling me like a charm. I guess I will just take it one run at a time now. Sigh.

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